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About me and my philosophy

and a few words from my clients
Marion Michel

Marion Michel

  • more than 1000 hours of training in Fascial and Membrane Techniques from different institutes
  • continuing supervisions
  • Yoga-Instructor
  • Stressmanagement-Coach
  • Trained Engineer for Textile Technology

A few words from my clients

The fascia treatments with Mrs. Michel were very beneficial.  Before the sessions I often suffered from joint pain, especially in the knees.  The pain is completely gone.  I was even able to enjoy a 14 day hiking trip (5-6 hours hiking per day while carrying a backpack weighing 8 kilos) with absolutely no joint pain.  Warm thanks!

Erika, 61, teacher, Schleswig-Holstein

The sessions were not only good for me, but also an incredible experience!  Marion Michel touched me with knowledgeable hands and with such sensitivity and empathy that she made it possible for me to experience my body in a completely new dimension.

Thomas, 34, professional musician, Leipzig

The fascial treatments from Mrs. Michel are simply divine....my entire body feels so much lighter...more free and fluid...it is a blessing that give the body a long-lasting, wonderful feeling...again I walk nimbly and joyfully through my life...With the greatest conviction and from my whole heart I recommend Marion Michel and her work.  With gratitude, Marion

Marion, 55, precious metal trader, Schleswig-Holstein

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