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FAQs of Fascial Treatments

What is fascia and what does a typical session look like?
What is fascia anyway ?
Fascia runs through the entire body from head to toe.  It builds a network for information and establishes our physical structure.  Because everything in the body is connected, especially when it comes to fascia, there is no beginning and no end.  Each stimulus for the body (and its soul) affects in some way all of its single parts.

Because of this connectedness, it seldom makes sense to treat only the individual parts of the body.  When one part of the body is in some way compromised, other parts are also affected.  For example, pain in the heel can result in discomfort all the way up into the neck or an inappropriately tilted pelvis can result in hypertensive calf muscles and more.  Despite this fact, I do offer single sessions where manageable.  The closer the problem is to the core, the more sessions/treatments are usually required.

What causes adhesions of the fascia?
Our fascia have many and varied roles in our bodies and therefore the make up of fascia varies based on the role it plays. For example, fascia making up tendons and ligaments will necessarily need to have stronger fibers than the myofascia which encases the muscles.  But all fascia must be able to retain a certain amount of fluid and have some elastic qualities.  Fascia are capable of change, are formable and are able to regenerate, but they can also become shortened, impinged or adhesed.  All of the causes of such unfortunate changes are as of yet unknown, but some things have been proven to negatively affect fascia. Among them:

  • lack of physical exercise
  • one sided, repeated movements
  • surgery or accidents
  • scars
  • overwhelming emotional or psychological stress


How do I know if a fascia treatment is right for me?
  • Despite an active lifestyle, so you still have the feeling that your posture or your movements are somehow limited?
  • Do you have foot, leg, back, shoulder or neck pain that your doctor can’t explain?
  • Do you have range of motion problems that limit your ability to turn your head left or right while driving?
  • Do you have difficulty lifting one or both arms?
  • Do you spend most of your time sitting?
  • Do you have a job that requires you to be on your feet most of the day?
  • Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer?
  • Would you like to feel lighter?
  • Would you simply like to have a chance to relax and „turn off“?
  • Are you experiencing emotional/psychological transformation and feeling like your body isn’t able to support the changes you are making?

My Fascia- and Membrane Technique is very deep work.  It provides a preventative measure to resolve long term tension patterns that have been caused by  poor posture, one-sided movements and/or overworking the body.  For both your safety and mine, I do not apply my techniques to those experiencing the following conditions:


  • Marfan syndrome (a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue)
  • Acute cases of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Infectious diseases (eg influenza)
  • contagious skin diseases
  • In some cases, extremely large tattoos
  • Psychosis
  • unsupplied or untreated Cancer
What happens during a session?

When you arrive, I will observe how you breath, stand and walk.  We refer to this as a „body reading“.  During the body reading, you may wear a bikini or comfortable underwear that provides good coverage.  After I make my observations, I will ask you to lie on the table where I will palpate and test the condition of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and membranes.

According to my method, each session has its own theme and each session builds upon the previous sessions so that by the end of a series, the entire body has been treated.  I will also provide you with easy exercises to do at home that allow you to take responsibility for your own progress and to deepen the effects. The sessions themselves are interactive.  In other words, at times I will ask you for movement and other input during the session. The method requires active participation from the client. The treatment itself is not painful and nevertheless profound. Mostly even people with Fibromyalgy can enjoy the touch.

What results can I expect from the sessions?
I can observe mostly 2 kinds of effects:

1. During the series we address the fascia of entire body, from head to toe. This thoroughness helps body’s structure to become more balanced allowing the body to be supported in gravity rather than feeling pulled down. This allows you to release unnecessary tension and compensation patterns that you have lived with in the past. This results in a more natural posture and more efficient and graceful movements.
2. My fascia techniques squeeze fluid out of the fascia and allow them to be reabsorbed. This stimulates production of an enzyme that helps to break down fascial adhesions. The body continues to work following a session and in fact, most of the adhesions break down in 3 days following a session.  Light exercise with a stretching component, such as Yoga, Chi Gong or Feldenkrais support sliding of the fascia and are can be useful in supporting my manual techniques.

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